galia melon.png

Galia Melon per piece

The Galia melon is a cross between the Cantaloupe and the honeydew melon. The fruit has a yellow skin with whitish veins and the flesh is light green, juicy and very sweet.


Galia melons have more flesh than most melons. Melons have a lot of vitamin C and carbohydrates. This makes melon a tasty and healthy snack and thirst quencher, which can also boost your energy level. Melon is also rich in sodium, which is important for blood pressure and fluid balance in the body. Because melon is related to the cucumber, it is actually not a fruit but a vegetable. Galia melons mainly grow in subtropical regions, but are also grown under controlled conditions in Dutch greenhouses. The melon is an ancient fruit that was already eaten before the beginning of the Christian era.

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