The JuiceMakers Instore Juicebar

This is a full-service in-store solution with all the perks: audiovisual equipment, cooling, integrated cash register system, dispenser, etc.


The JuiceMakers Instore JuiceBar is an instore juicer, and comes with:

  • a menu of different combinations of fruit and vegetable juices;
  • the daily supply of selected, pre-cut fruits & vegetables in the right proportions;
  • a strong quality system with processes and templates;
  • an online and mobile ordering system, linked to your cash register;
  • and other support benefits.

In other words, you take the step towards a franchise. This way you immediately have a proven concept and quality system with all the associated benefits.

The Instore solution is by definition tailored to your business. So contact us for more information.

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