The JuiceMakers orange juice vending machine

This device is a unique, innovative vending solution that works completely autonomously. A unique service offer for your customers: they have delicious, fresh orange juice in just one minute.


This innovative vending machine works with all payment methods. The device has storage space for about 55 kg of oranges, and therefore an autonomous capacity for about 130 juices. You can set the cooling to about 5°C. The pressing unit is completely removable, automatically self-cleaning, and super hygienic. It is completely sealed off from the environment, so there is no possibility of contamination by the users or operator. Full remote management is provided, via smart technology.

After 130 juices, you refill the fruit, remove the pulp, and change the water, all in half an hour. In other words, the device is super autonomous and therefore super handy.

JuiceMakers is happy to work with you through a rental and revenue sharing agreement.

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